Welcome to A1 Stock Buyers

Convert & cash up “dusty” slow movers, excess stock, unwanted stock, Overstocks, liquidation stock, distressed & insolvent stock, Clearance stock, bankrupt stock into cash, prompt payment are you looking to buy, or sell stock.

For the past 17 years, we have been the go-to people for reselling your unwanted stock, whether you are a Market Stall Holder, Sole Trader, Small Business Owner, or a Large Corporation.

We Sell Your Stock In One Lot, “No Cherry Picking”

Our objective is to sell your “slow-moving stock” as quickly as possible to get valuable warehouse space back for new incoming products and to inject much-needed dollars back into your business.

If you’re wanting to sell your:

* Unwanted Stock.
* Excess Stock.
* Bankrupt Stock.
* Clearance Stock.
* Discontinued Stock.
* Cancelled Orders.
* Slow Movers.

* Short Date Products.
* General Stock Clearance.
* Liquidation Stock.
* Warehouse Stock.
* Overstocks.
* Distressed & Insolvent Stock.

We buy all types of stock within multiple categories and industries (But Not Limited To Are):

* Giftware.
* Hardware.
* Cosmetics.
* Pharmaceuticals.
* Toys.
* Food.
* Sporting Goods.
* Health Foods.
* Homewares.
* Kitchen.
* Manchester.
* Pet Products.
* Stationery.
* Glassware.

* Commercial Crockery.
* Commercial Melamine.
* Electrical Goods.
* Travel Goods.
* Gardening Products.
* Grocery.
* Soft Drinks.
* Books.
* Shoes.
* Clothing.
* Accessories.
* Lingerie.
* Confectionary & Much More

We pay with Prompt Payments & we are here to help you achieve the best possible price available with our professional, speedy and simple quote process.


When you are planning a sell your stock it is vitally important that you have an accurate stock list and quality images of the stock you are trying to clear. This can aid in the decision process of any potential buyers as they are able to clearly see what you are selling not just reading what you are selling.

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