General Stock Clearance

A General Stock Clearance is something that most complains that store a excess quantities of stock will have to go through at some stage.

By know what to expect form all parities involved and have the right buyers and the point of clearance can save you thousands of dollars and much more if you are able to sell the stock in one bulk lot to one buyer not many small parcels as this is time consuming.

While you are planning a General Stock Clearance it is vitally important that you have an accurate stock list and quality images of the stock you are trying to clear. This can aid in the decision process of any pertentail buyers as they are able to clearly see what you are selling not just reading what you are selling.

A1 Stock Buyers take all the hastele out of trying to find a buyer for your stock as we have a network of buyers that are looking for a verity of stock for there clients and outlets right now.

Most organisations don’t have the time or networks to clear your stock in one bulk lot them selves. By having an independent manager with a network of buyers can save you many paid man hours and simplify the prosses.

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